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Anchored at the heart of Quebec

Gaudet Sweet Goods’s brief history started back in 1953. At the time, the Beauséjour family opened a traditional bakery in the quaint village of Acton Vale. Their good products very quickly won the hearts and a place on the tables of those living in the area.

For close to half a century, guided by a passion for good work, the Beauséjour family made their company a success. Customers multiplied and travelled from increasingly further distances.

In 1992, the Joly brothers bought out the bakery. They sensed the potential and wanted to penetrate new markets. Honouring the original philosophy in terms of quality and service and with the valuable contribution of a passionate team, the Joly brothers quickly gave to Gaudet Sweet Goods Inc. the reputation it deserved.

After 23 years as owners, the Joly brothers spent the reins of Gaudet Sweet Goods Inc. to the former Vice-President General Manager; Line Lamothe.

They sold her the company by ensuring at the same time the sustainability of the company by giving it a new breath.

Looking forward

Gaudet Sweet Goods Inc. has become a respected company whose reputation exceeds country boundaries. Today, we distribute our products throughout Canada, the United States, even in the Caribbean and United Arab Emirates.

Our master pastry cooks are busy whipping up new projects… We can’t wait for you to try these well-guarded secrets!